Dopest 3D, Drone, Robot, Clean Energy Technology Top 10!

Oculus 3D Augmented Reality Design (Arch2O)
This way of 3D modelling is awesome! Just imagine what you can create if you’re in a room designed to be fully padded with augmented reality spots!

Meet Jibo! The first family robot! Is this the beginning of SkyNet?? 😛

This is Spot from Boston Dynamics, it does pretty much the same as Big Dog but seems to be “leaner” and more agile. They came this far, what will be next (like, on top of it)?

Prime Air project wing looks like a cool way to do transport.

Wind Trees to generate energy with a new type of wind turbine.

Some more cool stuff!

What do you think about all this new technology? Is it being used in the “right” way? Or are they wasting their talents? The best way to start the next technological revolution is through transport. We will have to get into clean energy in a 2016 way… Since Tesla Motors already showed the world it can be done, other companies will get into this also. Laws will need to be remade..

What do you think about it?