Freshman5000, Producer, Singer, Rapper & Artist!

Watch Freshman5000’s latest video “Loading, Please Wait…”! We need more of these kind of enlightening lyrics and music about psychological-, fysical- and financial health. We think he said “I’m not really up for beef, all I need is green!”? Dope!!! Listen to more if his songs in the Soundcloud list below. Like on Facebook and/or follow on Twitter!

freshman5000 bmnetworxName: Freshman5000
Label: 5000%
Genre: Pop, House, Trap and more.
Bookings: 20 minutes live show, 4 persons, International (Supervised by BMNetworx).
Composition: Musical instrumental for any type of media and content.
Songwriting: Lyrics and melody for any type of music genre.
Contact: Management BMNetworx
Location: The Netherlands

Also Watch Freshman5000 – WOW (Official Video)

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