KJ Golden is DOPE!

Lyrical, authentic, and metaphorical, all intertwined into one person!

With a hopeful message mixed with dope rhymes and beats, KJ Golden, makes music that’s very relevant and reaches across the spectrum of various ages and cultures. It is quite evident that KJ Golden is not your typical emcee. Besides the fact that she is a female and has over a decade years of experience, she brings a very different approach to hip-hop. “I believe music should bring about some type of emotion to its listener. I don’t want to just get my fans hype, I want to tell them a story,” laughed KJ. When KJ is not on the stage, you can find her giving back to the community, finding a mission trip to go on for the summer, or sipping an iced pumpkin latte at Starbucks. Hopefully you can see; KJ Golden is the total package. Don’t let the short height or the fact that she is a female, fool you. KJ is the truth and she will definitely bring it.

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