Heavy Beats & Fuzzy Guitars, The Boston Shakers!

Originally from France and the US, electronic rock band The Boston Shakers are now based in Liverpool.

The Boston Shakers are “an infusion of heavy beats mixed with fuzzy guitars, shaken with raps and garnished with a dash of white noise.”


the boston shakersThe band started when six friends with the same passion for music and drinks decided to blend the musical genres they had been listening and playing for years with the night-life atmosphere and environment they were working in as bartenders.
The resulting songs combine the different ingredients and sounds that have influenced the members of the band, from the authenticity of Blues and the rawness of British Rock to the samples, drums, and production techniques of Hip-Hop and Dance music.

With big MPC beats, wailing guitars and captivating raps served “on the rocks”, The Boston Shakers are a cocktail of good vibrations you won’t get enough of.

the boston shakers visual

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